Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Sparta Girls!

Today we were taking care of Kyrie and Leo's daughter Astra for her people, so I decided that the girls needed a play-date! I hope you will enjoy the photos. We went out just before dawn and then the sun came up. :)

Astra says HELLO! She is a white/buff plush girl from Kyrie's litter with Leo, and is 20 months old. :)

Play with me!

Astra loves frisbees! You can see the shaved spots behind her shoulders--those are from the heart testing she just completed. :)

Astra and her younger half-sister Blazie!

Blazie is Kyrie's daughter from her litter this year with Piston. She is a smooth coat grey sable and is 6 months old. :)

Blazie: Where did they go?

Oh, there they are! Chasing me!

Blazie loves to chase blowing leaves. We can tell that fall is her favorite season!

Blazie and momma Kyrie as the sun came up. Kyrie appears to be trying out her dance steps!

Playtime! Photos of the girls having a good time. :)

Kyrie: Let's PLAY!

Wrestling time!

The girls all get along. :)

Everyone together during a brief moment of relative stillness! Such a variety of colors. :)

Kyrie says: Astra should visit more often!

Thanks for reading, folks!