Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Surprise for the October Show!

When our local Shiloh Chapter, the CSSC, arranged a regional Shiloh Specialty at the Oklahoma City IABCA show, we knew we would need to put together a basket for the fundraiser auction. I thought that a special treat basket would be nice, something no one could get around here. Luckily, my husband flies to Indianapolis every week, and north of Indy in Carmel, IN, they have a DOG BAKERY!

There are all sorts of different biscuits and treats that they make by hand! There are cheese and bacon and even venison-flavored ones!

I was out shopping for a container for our biscuits to go in and then I thought, "Well, why not give a bunch of samples of other treats that our dogs like, too?" So then a buying spree ensued, and I had all these treats and a couple of containers. And then I thought, "Hmmm, I could make up little sample trick or treat bags for EACH DOG!" Thus followed a Hobby Lobby shopping spree hard on the heels of the treat-buying one. At the end of the day as I sat down at 10 p.m. to construct everything I had six different kinds of treats plus all the flavors of biscuits, two fancy containers and a bunch of gift bags. Here is a shot of all the treats and also the little ziplock packages for the little bags. Each ziplock has six different types of treats, just a few of each. They are sealed with autumn stickers. (I failed to resist the urge to be cute. Just wait. It gets worse.)

While at the Hobby Lobby I was struck by a mad urge to go crazy. This happens to me often at Hobby Lobby. The result was several spools of Halloween ribbon, black and orange pipe cleaners, yellow and orange tissue paper, a bunch of stickers, and small wooden pumpkins. Too cute? Too silly? Too orange??? Will Ken want to die when I hand him one of these for Big Jake??

Absolutely! But did I care, at midnight when I finished this? Heck no! Following you can see samples. Below the assembly has just started.

Below you can see several wooden pumpkins with the names of Shilohs (and others!) written on them, some attached to bags and some still waiting for their pipe cleaners!

The bags are growing in number...almost done now!!

And finally, had to put this one in--my black cat, Pan (Panther) snuck into the photo and I didn't even notice as I shot it! Very seasonal of him, I've got to say.

Well the bags are done and I'm going to post a link to this on the forum and hit bed...gotta get up early tomorrow to pack the Element (also orange, yes, are you noticing a theme?) and get up to Oklahoma! Wish us luck at the show, folks--more photos when we get back!!