Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kyrie's Family, Continued!

While I'm at it I wanted to put up some pictures of Kyrie's parents and some of her grandparents. Once again, these are property of New Zion Shilohs, Denise Harden (owner of Maya and Scout), Ti Amo Desert Mountain Shilohs and Wolf Creek Shilohs (Mike owns Kyrie's very famous Grand Victor granddad, Storm!).

Here are Kyrie's parents. Scout is a gorgeous buff smooth who tested out as an excellent Search-and-Rescue prospect, and Maya is a dark sable smooth who comes from good (non-attack) working lines (I know Denise does herding with her). Apologies for the very dark pic of Maya, we really should have taken pictures of her at Homecoming last year but we were so busy we forgot! The pic of Scout, though, is one we took while he was in the show ring.

I don't have pictures of Kyrie's grandparents on her father's side, but I did find some of her grandma and grandpa on Maya's side! Both beautiful dogs, and both breed Champions and Grand Victors, they are Storm of Wolf Creek Shilohs and Tang of Ti Amo Desert Mountain Shilohs! For Tang's page on their website, with more pictures, follow this link. For more pictures of Storm (and Kyrie's new cousins from the Sadie/Storm litter!), click on the link for Wolf Creek Shilohs.



Many ISSR Shiloh breeders make it their project to try to put together a picture pedigree for their dogs. As Zak and I are finishing up our paperwork to enter the ISSR Licensed Breeder in Training program, I was thinking of this when I started putting these pictures together! We hope you enjoyed them. :)

Kyrie's Family!

Kyrie turned one year old on January 13th, 2009! We love her dearly and are very happy with her sweet temperament and incredible intelligence. For her first birthday I wanted to do what I did with Leo's blog (you can see his if you follow this link) and put up some pictures of her littermates! Unfortunately, unlike Leo's Holly/Acer '07 litter, we could not stay in contact with most of the pups' families as they grew. The pictures I have are mostly cobbled together and taken at many different ages, but we hope that you will enjoy them anyway! I would like to also give credit where it is due--these pictures are property of New Zion Shilohs and Silver Run Shilohs, except for the ones of Kyrie which of course are ours. ;)

Here is Kyrie at just before one year (it was a lousy day but we wanted to get some pics anyway!).

If you would like to see pictures of Kyrie and her siblings when they were only nine weeks old, follow this link to Tina Barber's New Zion Shiloh Shepherds website! Kyrie's littermates were nicknamed Tank, Twin (that's Kyrie), Happy, Toes, Tug, Wookie, and Diva! Wookie and Diva were Kyrie's sisters. Both of them were plush golden sables! The one we still know about is now named Mya after her mother. Here is a picture of her as an older pup--what a sweet face!

Next are Kyrie's two twin golden sable brothers! Happy is now called Moose, and boy did he clean up some awards at Homecoming last year! He was only seven months old in this picture:

And then there is Toes, now called Clancy! This picture was taken at around ten months old I think? He looks a lot like Kyrie in body style, and Moose in color!

We don't have any pictures of Kyrie's brother Tug, who was the only plush male, except for this one from his eight weeks LER. He looks kind of like a plush version of Kyrie and Tank (now called Tucker)!

And speaking of Tucker...what a gorgeous boy! He not only won awards at Homecoming, he did great with his young handler in the Junior Handlers class, too! I really love Tucker and once his owner Debbie has his page up at http://shepherdsridge.com I will be sure to drop the link in here for you to see some better pictures of him! For now, here's a pic at Homecoming, when he was seven months old. You can really see how he and Kyrie resemble each other!