Friday, April 30, 2010

Kyrie's Wonderful Winter!

Time to catch up on some blogging! Kyrie had a winter full of her favorite thing--SNOW! Snow is very rare here in the DFW area; we didn't get any at all during the Winter of 2008-2009. Usually we get one snow day, with a few inches of snow. This year, we got three or four days of it--and once we got eight inches, crazy for this area! We even had snow on Christmas morning, which hadn't happened in 80-some years!

Without further ado, we would like to share some photos of Kyrie enjoying her snowy winter. :) Here is the very cute snowy-faced Kyrie, blinking:

Kyrie at a full run with her "I love snow!!" face:

Kyrie is deeper in the snow than she's ever been! Her face is full of snow in these photos because she runs and eats it at the same time!

More running, Kyrie's favorite thing to do:

Running with her new little "brother", Thorn:

Running with her older housemate, Leo:

All three dogs, having a BLAST!

So much snow made Kyrie want to bounce...

And chase...

And catch...

And eat...

And practice her ballet...

And do the twist!!

Here's a nice profile shot:

Kyrie would like to thank you very much for reading and for looking at her photos! 'Till next time!!