Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kyrie's First Post!

Welcome to our blog for Kyrie, our second ISSR Shiloh Shepherd! The above picture was taken while Kyrie was still at New Zion Shilohs in New York state. She was eight weeks old and was being given her LER (a puppy evaluation testing drives, temperament, aptitudes, health and conformation). Kyrie passed her health test with flying colors and was listed as a breed-quality female!

My fiance Zak and I had obtained our first Shiloh, Leo, only three months before, and we were not really looking for another pup, much less to have a litter of pups some day! But Kyrie's color pattern is very special, and it is one reason I fell in love with this beautiful little pup! I pestered and pleaded and finally Zak said that if she was still looking for a home in one month, we could talk about it again. I didn't believe that this little girl could possibly be available...someone else would snap her up...surely everyone else saw how special she was! I waited, expecting every day that Kyrie--or "Twin" as she was then called--would disappear off of the New Zion site. Much as I tried to be stoic, I couldn't resist sending little notes to Tina, our breeder..."Is she still there?" "Does she have a home yet?" Tina was probably laughing her head off at me, I was so desperate to have this pup!!

Finally the date rolled around...one month had passed. Twin was still available! And then my beloved Zak got me the ultimate gift...a new car, an engagement ring, AND MY PUP!!! All in one month! I love that man. :D