Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day in the Sun!

Welcome back to Kyrie's blog! It was such a nice spring day we went outside to take some new pictures of Kyrie. :) We are very proud of our girl as this past month she graduated from her Basic Obedience class. We had "home-schooled" her up to that point but decided to do the class for socialization and testing with distractions. It has worked wonders for her confidence levels with people and dogs! Now we are in a beginning Rally class because our teacher decided we were advanced enough to skip intermediate obedience, and Kyrie is the youngest dog in the class. :)

Here are some pictures of Kyrie from today. I was lucky enough to catch her in a GREAT flying trot!

Is this Kyrie looking for her ball or Kyrie about to eat a dandelion?

This one was taken from far away but it is a good shot of her structure from the side so I kept it. :)

Kyrie caught in a rare moment of non-motion!

We hope you enjoyed our pictures, we will close with another one taken recently of Kyr with one of her favorite chew-toys!

Next up, I'm hoping to publish some discussion about Kyrie's obedience class and our thoughts on it, comparing it to other methods we have experienced or read about. Stay tuned!!