Tuesday, June 23, 2009

May and June Happenings!

In May, we had a booth at our local Canine festival, Dog Days of Denton! Dog Days gets over 9,000 people every year and is full of fun events, demonstrations, contests, and booths featuring doggy stuff of every kind! Here's a photo of our booth with my handsome husband Zak manning it before the show:

The festival was a great success for us!! We gave out around a hundred trifolds (thanks to the parents of the splendid Cody for bringing more!) and bunches of business cards! Two other Shilohs came to visit--Cody from Texas and Kaiser from Oklahoma! You can see pictures of them in our Picasa Albums gallery (click here). All in all it was a lot of fun and we will definitely do it again next year!!

Here is a purebred German Shepherd we met at the show--one of the very rare few who have the "Hobo dog" markings just like Kyrie! Proof that the coloration is still lurking in the GSD lines too, and isn't just due to the Malamute behind the Shilohs.

Those of you who have followed our blog for Leo know that we LOVE to take photos of our dogs playing! Well a couple weeks back Zak ordered them a huge soccer ball (I think it's from Orbee). We weren't sure they would like it because it was so big...but it was a great hit! I thought I would put the playtime pics up on Kyrie's blog for a change. Here is one right off the bat, as Kyrie grabs the ball before Leo!

She had to put on some pretty fancy moves to keep it away from Leo!!

Kyrie decided to lie down with it, but with the lurking Leo her respite didn't last long...

She did get it a couple more times...

But then Leo became Lord of the Ball!!

We hope you enjoyed the photos! If you're interested in taking a look at Leo's blog, click here! This weekend we'll be headed down to Hutto, Texas, for a dog show and Shiloh get-together with NINE of our fellow ISSR Shiloh Shepherds--stay tuned for photos when we get back!!