Friday, July 15, 2011

Summertime Kyrie!

Kyrie loved her puppies, but she's happy not to have to share time with her humans with the little ones any more! She recovered very quickly from her whelping and nursing and is very fit and energetic, with a beautiful coat. Here are some photos of Kyrie outside, enjoying the cooler morning hours before the heat sets in. :)

Below, she demonstrates her lovely flying trot! Tina, our Breed Founder, always liked to see the photos of Kyrie in her trot. She's really a smooth mover!

Kyrie loves to do what we call "the flouncy-pounce". Done correctly, Kyrie explodes from a standstill into a giant BOUNCE which then comes down in a play-bow, after which there is much running around the yard. :) Below, we see the BOUNCE part of the maneuver!

Kyrie expresses her disdain for my camera work, below.

Below is an awesome, and completely accidental photo! It was taken in the evening and the light was kind of funky. Somehow the camera managed to mostly focus on Kyrie running (look at that reach!), but everything else in the photo went rather psychedelic!

My pretty girl, holding a nice sit for me. :)

Thanks for looking, everyone! I do love my Kyrie-girl, and I love sharing her with y'all. :) Have a great summer!

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